Partner With Us For Property Management Services & Start Earning Annuity Income

Opportunity To Partner With One Of The Best Property Management Companies


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Referral Annuity Income

Get steady annual income from referred properties throughout engagement lifecycle

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Hassle-free Business Model

All property management issues handled by Easyleases. You get to focus entirely on your core business

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Complete Transparency

View all referred properties & income in real-time via our technology platform. Anytime.

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No Solicitation

We strictly DO NOT solicit tenants referred by you for any purpose other than property management


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Submit your details on Easyleases site. We will call you within 3 business days and work with you on your client referrals

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We will contact the referred clients and work on converting them. You will be kept fully informed on the progress, at every stage

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Successfully Converted

Successfully converted clients are tagged to you, and you start receiving your commission month-on-month